‍Photograph by Beinn Muir


‍January 2020. 


‍Rosey Priestman was born in 1953 and has lived most of her life in different parts of Scotland. She worked collaboratively for many years as a potter, mainly experimenting with colour and decorating techniques. This website shows some of her work from recent years including paintings, drawings, prints, collages and sculpture. The collages use wallpaper often salvaged from derelict houses. She lives on Sanday, one of the northern isles of Orkney, in an old house overlooking the sea, which is her studio. The surrounding landscape, buildings and people feature in many of her pictures. Rosey has exhibited mainly in Scotland.

‍Exhibitions and Links


‍Selected Exhibitions

  • ‍• Shut up 2017 Campbell Works, London
  • ‍• Kitchen to Night Flower 2015 Lagu, London
  • ‍• March-April 2015: Greenflash to Seachange, The Framing Salon, London
  • ‍• September 2013: Windows, Stromness
  • ‍• FernFelix gallery art sale November 2011 and FernFelix Five June-July 2013
  • ‍• June 2011: Open Windows (group show), Stromness
  • ‍• May-June 2011: The Loft Gallery, Orkney (solo show)
  • ‍• 2009: Stove Gallery
  • ‍• 2008: Incoming, Grainstore, Kirkwall
  • ‍• September 2007: Five Sanday Artists, The Strond, Orkney

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