Art Gallery: Circles

I have been working on circular paintings since 2009.

After the initial layout they are slowly built up with layers of gesso and oil paint on wooden discs. The gesso has pigment added to make many different greys: pigeon, wet sand, dry sand, cloud, space in between. Blues too which are all primarily based on a jar of ultramarine from Rome.

The idea almost always comes from the physical landscape: cut fields, first light on the bay, winter sky reflected in a dark ditch. then it has to be distilled and represent that moment of vision as a pattern, usually in abstract form, but in the case of flowers very literally .

There are many reasons why I make circular paintings: a formality that within in the circle is contained but feels unconfined, a way to look at colour next to colour, shifting balances, a charting of the seasons. The size is 19 inches across which gives the paintings a circumference of 5 feet.

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